Christianne Monogram

January 2016 - January 2017

Turn the page writer

The largest design magazine in the Netherlands

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During my studies I had the opportunity to be the secretary on the board (consisting of 9 students) of Turn The Page Magazine. Tasks included writing features, designing feature layouts, fund raising and client relations.

Turn The Page is the magazine for Industrial Designers. This full colour 52-page magazine is a collection of interviews, news, in-depth articles and sources for inspiration, about the industrial design working field. Quarterly, 8.000 issues are sent out. For more see:

Below you can find a couple of articles I wrote and of which I designed the layout. Click here for a pdf version, for easy reading, of those articles combined.


Writing Layout Design Team work Interview skills


This article can be found in feature # 56 titled: Art and Design.

This article can be found in feature # 57 titled: A Digital Future.

This article can be found in feature # 58 titled: Design across cultures.