Christianne Monogram

Aug 2017 - ongoing

Self bag drop

The easiest way to check in bagage.

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Baggage systems function best when baggage is placed correctly on the belt, makes sense right? Making it an intuitive action to place your bag in a horizontal and flat position was the goal of this project while simultaneously providing a pleasant and ergonomic experience for the passenger. Additionally, the concept had to become part of Vanderlande’s Life cycle services and interface seamlessly with Vanderlande’s new FLEET technology.


User Experience Design Leadership Rapid Prototyping User Research


I was the design lead for this project and thus responsible for the final design and coordination of the different project teams; on the customer’s side as well as internally (Research & Development, Engineering, Supply Chain coordination).


The first prototype, which was the result of a user centred design approach, was displayed at the Inter Airport Europe 2017 exhibition, where it was such a big succes that 4 units were sold to an airport in the Netherlands and 4 units were sold to an airport in the USA. Currently, the engineering team is detailing the concept and the first product will be live in the beginning of February 2019! After this, continuous improvements will be made to the products from the experience gained. The Self Bag Drop is unique to Vanderlande’s product portfolio because it directly interfaces with passengers.



First prototyping & user testing of heights:

Ergonomic analysis:

3D modelling:

Watch the video below for the digital prototype:

Prototyping 2.0:

In context:

User flow testing:

Final prototype: