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April 2017 - June 2017


A connection that lasts a lifetime

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Kvinne, meaning “women” in Danish is a visionary product for Joolz in 10 year. It responds to the trend that more and more households have two incomes (mother and father). Our design challenge was to create a baby product where it is not necessary to be in the same room to interact with your child. We wanted to solve this by creating a dynamic product; a product that could be used both physically, as well as enable interaction when parent and child are not together.

Additionally, we wanted to create a product that grows along with the child. They should not outgrow the product when they become older. We wanted to create a personal product that adds value, thus extending the product lifespan. Bonus points for sustainability! Curious? Watch the movie!

Our project won the best project award!


Product Design Prototyping User testing



Joolz should facilitate a personalised parent-child interaction by providing a safe but explorational environment.


The Vision in Product Design Process:

Prototyping - cutting the fabric and sowing the stuffed animals

User testing